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Coaching is…..

For a coach there is always time for reflexion especially in Xmas times. Xmas is the time where people can feel extremely close or extremely alone….to get a coach can be a way to let that energy flow in a good way.


we are now also using mobile blogging

personal development will always be possible

Key2insight is now integrated with Tweets

As many thoughts appear on the go – some will appear as Tweets.

As a service to you following this blog a Twitter widget is placed here.

As for the Twitter people the blog post created here will lso appear as Tweets.

You Decide the Theme – Your Coach handles the Process

One of the fundamental aspects of coaching is the fact that the process can lead anywhere from anywhere. The main reason for this is that it is the client that decides what the coaching shall be about based on his or her situation, experience och needs.

So dear potential client – you are in the driver seat!

Coaching at Key2insight!

This is the place.

The place where thoughts on coaching, mentorship and personal development will be developed, shown and hopefully commented in a dialogue sweeping across any part of the globe.
There might also be comments here on leadership, education and similar stuff – beware!

Coaching is a journey with defined goals – but we also travel just to enjoy the ride – welcome!