Monthly Archives: January 2010

A Kingdom for a website….

Now!  The website is finally out there with the 1.0 release. A website will always be in constant transition of course and when it is dealing with human affairs such as coaching and mentorship even more so. Key2Insight is of course present here on WordPress, in Twitter and also on Facebook but you just have to have a website too, haven’t you?

The main thing is one: We want to know what YOU feel, think, believe and need….

As said in a rock song  “I don’t want much – I want it all!”


What Do You Need in a Coach?

There are coaches and there are coaches…..
If we leave the sports coaches aside and focus on life & career related coaches – what qualities should you be looking for? The first and maybe not so obvious for every one is that a good coach has coach training preferably from an ICF accredited coach training center, is a member of ICF and perhaps even is certified by ICF. So what is ICF? The International Coach Federation(ICF) aims to ensure coaching quality and ethical standards worldwide. So first – look for a trained coach!

More qualities will come in new posts – stay tuned!