Monthly Archives: February 2010

Celebrate the Dancing – Enjoy Your Brilliant Moments

When one of those moments arrive – I am talking about those moments in your coaching when things just “happen” and works splendidly there and then – Then I find that when ever I retell the feeling to someone I relive that successful moment and get a bit of that feeling again. The same goes for every brilliant moment so don not forget to save them for later use. One method is to actually write them down and another is to tell others. Of course you should not reveal anything that breaks the confidentiality between you and your client. It can be as short as: “We spoke about where her heart was in relation to her mother. Her answer reached into my own heart to open it to her feelings. I intuitively knew how to respond to her in that moment. I thank her for that.”  By writing these four sentences I can keep that great moment and hopefully recall it later. So enjoy your special moments too!


A Little Questioning – Every Day!

I have a CD with the Finnish band “Apocalyptica“. Rock on cellos. Energetic music not really leading to doom :-).

BUT – the name may not be so bad. If we consider “apocalypse” being the death of our old stale ways of thinking then it might be a good thing that we could consider bringing on every day. After all –  after a little  “apocalypse” we can expect a little “heaven”, right?

The coaching process might be just that – first qustioning how we think today, then perhaps “killing” some of those thoughts replacing them with new ideas leading us to a brighter future.