Inspiration from a Designer

The designer Paul Smith was in Stockholm earlier in 2010 and said: “If you cannot find inspiration in everything you haven’t looked closely enough“. Interesting…..

But when I look outside my window in Stockholm now I see  grey cloudy sky with rain and a cold wind blowing – is there really inspiration in that?

As a coach and part of the human race I say  – YES!
The grey cloudy sky is perfect for photography and will give perfect colours to the first sign of leaves and the spring flowers coming and to the grass starting….AND the wind tells me the spring is really on its way here in April….And as for the rain…..the rain is life! Life to the grass, life to the flowers and the trees and ultimately to us all!
And it is a little easier to work indoors if we are not constantly longing to be out in the bright sunshine… inspiration to be found in the grey!

To see this Video click on watching it on You tube because it cannot be embedded….
It’s no nice you have to click twice!

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