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The Game of Life

As a human we sometimes (or at least I do) wonder about what life is all about. Wayne Dyer, the old “Love Yourself” guru has now reached the “Afternoon of Life” and he seems to have an answer that is valid for himself anyway. Many of the thoughts are ringing of the Old Taoists and why not? They had a fairly open approach to life and let life happen to them. “Let yourself be lived by it!”  One of the ideas is to feel part of something greater than us. All this is well but perhaps it will takes us a while to reach that feeling. We can perhaps feel it in relation to our loved ones, in relation to great nature or fantastic architecture or art. One aspect of the Taoists was that they were not so dead serious all the time, Perhaps that is a key factor for us to realise. Perhaps we should allow ourselves to play a little more, laugh a little more and love a little more!  Life can be a game – let’s play!


When Life is Driving You Up the Wall – Try a Little Madness!

I just saw the light! The light peeking in through a little hole in a dark room. There it was and it was there all the time even if I had not managed to see it. I just had to cut my capturing rope to get open to it. When times are darkening or making you bite at everything around you. When honestly speaking everything is gone down the tubes and nothing seems right  or worth a dime – what can you do? Nothing? But you will always have at least one thing – Yourself!

At a dark moment it might not seem as that much to you, but a human being has at least one force to be reckoned with – Madness!
A little madness is all it takes to be able to laugh fate right in the face and say “Frankly dear, I don’t Give a damn!” or just face the music! Just as in “Zorba the Greek”

So What Do You Want from Life?

In this world we are led to believe that we always lack something and that we should always look for more and preferably buy it. We are told that we are less. We are told!

But shorten the sentence even more and you get: We are!
This is an interesting starting point for exploration. OK, so I am…..but what or who am I? Who am I when I am at my best? How does it feel? And what happens when I am under pressure? Who do I become? The same or am I a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde perhaps? Who am I when I only ask myself and forget all the things that my parents, teachers, peers and media are trying to confuse me with? What is the “Core Me”? And then – when I am standing there as the stripped down “Core Me” saying I Am!– and only then – I should ask myself- What do I want From Life?

And How About the Power of Passion?

Tonight I just got back from listening to four ladies who had changed their lives into something great by letting go and finding their Passion. I was not alone.

There were at least 500 women there in need for inspiration and a kick – call it passion if you like. The men were about three and in most cases perhaps hostages too. I was there because I wanted to. If curiosity is a major quality in a coach I seem to have a bit anyway…So who were the inspirators this evening?

The first lady was Åsa Sandell,a cultural journalist who took up boxing and actually not only became a Swedish boxing champion but a European champion and even earned one of the several World Champion belts. The second one was Eva Forsberg Schinkler who was “attacked by  Ayurveda” and now live completely along that line. The Third was Karin Adelsköld, who got into Stand-up comedy without thinking she was funny and started a tech site without technical knowledge. Finally there was Monica Ahlberg, the dancer and would be actress who started to bake, wrote a book and holds lectures….
Everything was accompanied with loud music, lotteries and enthusiasm. But so few men! What is it with this event that it attracts mostly women? Are women more in need for a change, passion and a new life than men? Or is the company responsible totally focused on attracting women so they are forgetting the men? I seems they have succeeded in attracting women as they now say they have broken the 10 000 person barrier. But a thought slowly grew on my way home from the event – do you really need to switch life in order to feel the Power of Passion? Do you have to get beaten in the ring, be cjased by Indian philosophy, be captured by a place or insisting on doing something you know nothing about? And can all of us Write books or should we even try? Of course there was the Boxing Book, the Cooking Book and  the Ayurvedic Book for sale at the event. The weird notion just got a hold of me – imagine if all of actually wrote a book!  6 819 800 000 books! IKEA will sell a lot of Billy book cases or will all the trees be used for the books leaving not a single tree for the book cases? A lot of books in a desert on a slowly dying planet might not be such a happy place…..

I do believe that all of us that are passionate about the written word and have something to say – yes do write a book or even two!
But all others will have to find other means to get connected to something they love – and I do believe that everyone can find his or her “thing” and I also belive that the “thing” might surprise not only your friends, lovers and relatives – but also yourself!