Monthly Archives: June 2010

Just the Way You Are…..

When you meet someone….a coaching client, a relative, a lover or a friend….Meet them where they are, meet them as who they are and be open to their feelings, thoughts and fears. Then the meeting will be  a real meeting, but if you are also willing to share yourself  with the one you meet the meeting will have the possibility to be splendid! If you see the individuals as who they really are and accept them as such some real progress can be made  and you can also be able to make a difference to people. Just imagine someone meeting you saying ” Hey, I like you just the way you are and I am interested in what you feel about….”. Great communication is about this: Seeing, listening and feeling what the other person really wishes to tell the world if she or he would dare!

Hey, Reader!  I like you just the way you are!…Well that was not so hard to say, was it?….