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Music for the Heart – Create Your Own Coaching Concerto!

We all know that we can put up a perfect defense against a text or what people say to us. But there are things we cannot rationalize. Touch, smell, images and also music! We are defenseless, and that is a good thing…
Music has a way to reach our inner self and to get a grip on us that cannot be denied. People in movie making and advertising of course know this – but most important is that we can also make this work for ourselves!

Many of us already have a piece of music, a song or just a tune to whistle that makes us happier, more at ease or relaxed. It must not say explicit things like Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” or Sheryl Crow’s “Love is Free” but it just has to mean something to you.
It has not even have to be an original. You might prefer Dolly Parton’s original “I will Always Love You” , Whitney Houston’s version or even Lin Yu Chun’s, you might go for Mariah Carey performing  “Without You” or maybe the original by Harry Nilsson from 1971 or so. Perhaps you like your song to be performed by someone you love or just by yourself in the shower?

A piece that many people have found strengthening is the Spanish composer Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez. I am one of those people too… As early as in 1978 I first heard it on a John Williams album. John is a well-known guitar player and composer and the album was also filled with music written by Mozart, Paganini and Bach which he played without a note wrong. But the recording of the Concerto was something else. Suddenly he played like the piece meant something to him personally. It was filled with emotions that grabbed me. It struck me then that it is not quite good enough just to play all the notes in the right order. So whenever I need a boost I can rely on Concerto de Aranjuez!

This piece also shows that for music to be strengthening it does not have to be happy. The Concerto has both the quality of deep romantic love and deep despair in its core. Many people have tried to figure out the true nature of this piece and Rodrigo’s original inspiration for it. I have heard about Rodrigo’s blindness and despair in relation to a heart attack, about the gardens at Aranjuez and even other stories. If we can trust his widow Victoria it is about both their happiness during their honeymoon and the misery caused by a miscarriage.  Anyway, it is a great piece of music!

I have found many recordings of the Concerto too, leading me to believe that many other people find it strong. Some have also put lyrics to it. I have found versions in English, French and Spanish. There are even disco versions. One interesting version is a combo with Sarah Brightman and Il Divo.
Finally I found a version with an important message in the film “Brassed Off” where the despair of the death of a coal mine and of a conductor is contrasted with hope of love and the love of music.
So find you own Coaching Concerto – make a piece of music your own and use it to boost yourself!
Find something that will make you giggle, laugh and cry your heart out – nothing less!


Always Too Early to Give Up!

Sitting in a lovely vacation home enjoying the landscape and life. Realising that at many moments we tend to complain, hesitate to enjoy ourselves and simply give up. We believe that nothing is possible or that nothing good can come out of our present situation. But we are wrong! We can do good things and make life wonderful no matter where our starting point is located.  We must remember to keep trying our best!

To remind us of this – a video…..enjoy!

Technorati and Key2Insight Coaching

Today Key2Insight is in the process of getting listed on Technorati.

DRMFHY7HH7PG is a mysterious way to do it but here goes….