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Aim for the Horizon! And How Far Away is That?

Coaches and Mental Trainers will tell you to aim for the horizon instead of just being stuck where you are. This is all fine – but how far do you need to look and how far can you look? Really how far away is the horizon? Is it a point very far away that would take enormous effort to travel to? Do you need to hire a car or rent a plane to get there? Actually No!

Let us for a moment assume that your eyes are located at 1.6 meters above the ground. If you stand on flat ground the horizon is not further away than about 4.5 kilometers – a distance you could easily walk.

So when people tell you to take aim for the horizon you could tell them that you really want to take an aim that is located not just an hour’s walk away. You can tell them you have higher aspirations than that!  At least you could suggest that you together visit the top of Mount Everest so you could at least have the horizon 336 kilometers away! About the same distance as a trip between Marseille and Barcelona. Or a trip from London to York. So from the top of the world the horizon is really not that far away either. You might need a bus, a car or a train to get there a bit faster than walking though. If you choose to walk it might take you at least a day, but not much more that that.

It is very comforting to know that from every possible spot on the earth the horizon is not far away – and that it might not be an overwhelming challenge to actually aim to go there.
So we can go where we want to go – Beyond the horizon is a piece of cake!