Monthly Archives: November 2010

Every New Day Can Be Just Like Home!

“Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…” Yes we all know that World Famous song – but what does it mean? Does it mean that Paul McCartney’s life was all Hunky Dory yesterday and that a sixteen ton rock had just fallen on top of him and will never go away? Or does he only remember his happy childhood and that being an adult will always be troublesome?

Maybe we should not read so much into it as some of already know that the original title of this song was actually “Scrambled Eggs” – a title that might not have lead that song into fame.

From this we can learn that we can interpret everything as we choose to.  Reality is undoubtedly our own and we do as we please. So given the free choice between thinking that everything was better yesterday and that today onwards will be a hopeless misery or that today is the start of something new, something worth experiencing and something worth opening up your senses to to get the most of is simple. If the choice is seeing yourself alienated from everything and imagine yourself unwanted and helpless or seeing yourself connected, needed and at home….well you get it, right?

You do not have to make big changes if you wake up in the morning feeling a bit down. It is perfectly OK to be tired in the morning….but just do yourself a favor every morning and just make sure you real slowly drink a glass filled with a fruit juice you really like. Or if fruit juices are not for you a nice slow cup of you favorite tea. Spend at least 20 minutes alone with yourself. Do you think you can do that? That 20 minutes means almost 122 hours that you present as a gift to yourself every year. About a three weeks vacation, only spent every day and just for you. Give yourself a treat and make yourself feel just like home!