Change is Good – But Do I want to Change?

Many companies boast that they manage change and that they welcome change even. The same goes for individuals. And let us face it – who would not say ” Change is Good!” Change, transformation and progress are three significant parts of coaching and we all embrace them wholeheartedly of course. But In Real Life – are we really willing to change our ways? Psychologists say that most of our core values are already fixed by the age of eight!.  Can we transform from slugs into something beautiful or are we deluding ourselves?

And all this talk about thinking outside the box – is that all BS? Are we not stuck in our box created already for us with totally unbreakable walls? Creative people always say that there is a new approach for every concept so we will never run out of ideas. On the other hand some research say that ninety percent of our thoughts are the same as we thought yesterday. And some say that three weeks after the mind-blowing kick-off we go back to working as before the kick-off took place.

In the Bonnie Raitt song “I Don’t Want Anything to Change” I found the following lines:

I know the truth is right outside
But for the moment it’s best denied
I don’t want anything to change

Perhaps the truth is that we have a real hard time to snap out of a bad situation. And that we are only too willing to keep the Status Quo as it demands less from us.

But – and a Big But – There are ways to change! There is of course a price to pay if we really want that change. Are we not willing to pay that price we stay where we are. The price can be to sacrify something, putting down extra efforts or going the extra mile. And there is NO QUICK FIX! Let us agree that change is a process – perhaps a long one too.

But if we really long for that changed state – let us start. Then it will be worth it!



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