Twitter Zoo expanded – D added! Take a Sniff!

As the friendly David commented on the last post there is certainly room for a new addition to the Twitter Zoo. David suggested that there should be a dog in the Zoo ” a faithful follower and supporter that does its best to help and on occasion brings something interesting”. That got me thinking about dogs. There are many different kinds of dogs out there. So let us create a complete new section of the Twitter Zoo only for dogs! Enter into the D section!

First we need to have a working dog, a dog that can stand hard times, is full of energy and can learn lots of tricks and still will stand firm at the end of the day. There are quite a few to choose from but I will go for two shepherds: The German Shepherd and the Border Collie. Without a doubt these two fit the profile well. A Dog of this caliber will always there to quickly assist you in any predicament. It will lead the blind, find delicious mushrooms, locate thieves or guide the herd to its proper location. In short – the perfect partner. And a Leader!
A Shepherd = A Tweeter follower that assists, supports and comes with useful advice at all times with no strings attached. A sure dog to Follow!

Second you will see the social Dog surface. It is a bit lazy but always in a good mood making you feel the same. It will lick your hand, bark friendly when you arrive and wag its tail whenever you do anything, no matter what you do. If you sing it will sing along! Unfortunately dogs are tone deaf! The natural choice is the Golden Retriever. A Golden Retriever has “retrieve” in its name but is more interested in “receiving”. Lots of cheers and lots of love and returning the favor in abundance too.
A Golden Retriever = A Tweeter who is the epitome of cheerfulness and love. A sure follow – you cannot do without it!

Close by there must be the Savior, a dog that can really save your life when you are out into the wild wasteland of the web without a compass or paddle. A dog that can really step forward and penetrate the blizzard and come to the rescue. We are talking St Bernard of course! With Brandy and all the trimmings. This brave Dog does not make do with small favors – it will be there for the entire trip. When all the other followers have left this one will still be there ready to make any heroic attempt to make your life better.
A St Bernard = A Tweeter that never will abandon you and always is ready to save your skin. Follow to the ends of the Earth!

Then we have the Hunter. A fearless Dog that can follow any creature into the darkest of places and through the roughest terrain. This dog will get you to your target and will find your prey. The Dachshund is the perfect Dog for this work. Set a Dachshund on the trail and it will hunt relentlessly until the chase is over. Then it will wait for its next assignment with impatience. But you have to treat it well, a Dachshund is no slave!
A Dachshund = A Tweeter who will help you find stuff again and again. Guess if you should follow this one back.

Then we have a bit more aggressive Dogs. We have the Defenders. A Defender is a Dog that will do just that – defend you to its death if need be, using all its power in the process. It will rather die than letting anyone else hurt you. We have several dogs to choose from: Bull Terriers, Dobermans, Rottweilers and sometimes even German Shepherds. I will settle for the Doberman. This Dog will  make anyone who might consider attacking you shiver and quickly reconsider. You will have a watchdog that will look out for you even when you are not logged in.
A Doberman = A Tweeter that is your Twitter Terminator. Keep one at you own peril!

Last but least you have the Accessory Dog. A Dog you have just to look good or a Dog that others might think is cool. It could be a Dalmatian, an Afghan or a Chihuahua. They do not actually DO much more than exist and they have no other task either. I symbolically go for the Chihuahua, the handbag “Paris Hiltonian” Dog. Just as much as you really “need” to follow Paris Hilton, or for that matter Perez Hilton(who has a dog in his Twitter page), you really “need” a Chihuahua follower. But it might make you look cool – or what do you think?
A Chihuahua = A Tweeter that is famous but has nothing real to say. Cut the leash and let it go!

Of course there might be other Dogs that can be interesting AND other intriguing animals that will catch the Twitter Zoo attention soon.  Perhaps more reptiles, insects, fish or mammals – think hard and get a new addition to Twitter World.
Thanks again David for expanding the Twitter Animal Kingdom with new blood in your comment to the initial post on the Twitter Zoo -keep it coming!


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