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Soul Time, Anyone?

Don’t we all sometimes get the feeling that the world is spinning too fast and that we are a bit behind? Every morning we just have to choose between skipping a few items we intended to do or to be too late for work or leaving your kids at school. And at work there are thousands of e-mails waiting for an immediate reply so we force down a cup of coffee from the machine nobody has the time to clean making the coffee taste bad. All in all our working days are constantly being interrupted by e-mails, phone calls, colleagues needing assistance and all of the emergencies our days are filled with. When it is time to run to make it in time to fetch the kids from school again there are still too much work left to do. Then you bring the work home.

Time to talk to somebody about this – time to get a coach perhaps? Maybe we should have done that yesterday already? Seems we are too late there too. Even out holidays seem like work days too. We get up before the sun to maximize the number of items we can see every day on our holiday. The idea is perhaps to have so much to tell our friends after. But we never find the time to actually see them! And our kids get stressed out of their wits….

Time to think for a minute – if we can spare one!

I once saw a short film with the comedian Marty Feldman made many years ago in which he was on a coach! Yes that IS funny…..Marty is constantly late and the coach trip is too fast. Marty desperately tries to do everything but fails and is almost destroyed in the process.  The film is fiction though.

I Real Life we all are in Marty’s shoes and more – we keep running, never resting for a second – but still fail to find meaning, peace or happiness.  My father once saw people running up an escalator instead of letting the escalator do the work. He commented “I know where they all are going and I am not in a hurry to get there”. Eventually he went though and it was a beautiful funeral.
I heard another story from the old days where there were still white spots on the map of Africa to explore. An explorer went on an expedition with twenty native bearers and a guide/translator. They walked for half a day when suddenly the bearers lay down their burdens and sat down doing absolutely nothing. The explorer went crazy and told the guide to find out why they refused to carry on. The guide came back after a few minutes saying “The bearers had walked so fast for so long – now they have to sit down to wait for their souls to catch up.

Honestly – do we ever sit down to wait for our souls to catch up? Is perhaps Jet Lag just another way of saying “My soul is not back with me yet” and that you really CAN leave your heart somewhere.
We do not have to be in the fast lane – there is another option!  Create some soul time perhaps and a chance to actually be here now instead of regretting what you did not do right yesterday and worrying about tomorrow. Children sometimes learn great things from films. In “Kung Fu Panda” we can all learn from

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery – but today is a Gift”.

This day is not gift wrapped perhaps but still…it might have ribbons made of sun rays or mountain streams. It may taste like strawberries or water melon or it may smell like newly made cinnamon buns. Perhaps it will sound like laughter or rain. Perhaps it might even feel like love. Only you can open it up to find out. Take your time. Your Soul Time.


Facebook surely is….yes what?

Another way to meet is in Facebook. But perhaps “meet” is not the actual thing we do here – we “connect”. What we do with that connection is of course up to us. Just as IRL. You can meet someone on the street with or without connecting. Do we want our Facebook connections to lead to living relations (on the Internet or IRL) or are we satisfied by reading that we have 43 “friends” in Facebook? I heard this the other day: “Get a Fan every day!” I wonder what that meant…Does it mean get a real FRIEND every day OR does it mean only get a FOLLOWER every day? What does it mean to YOU? And what do you think may be the difference?